This programme was started in the academic year 2020-21. Data Science is the combination of statistics, mathematics, programming, problem-solving, capturing data in ingenious ways, the ability to look at things differently, and the activity of cleansing, preparing, and aligning the data. This programme aims to train the student undergoes basic training in the subjects (Core and Elective) related to probability and statistics, inference, regression, optimization, statistical simulation and data analysis, sampling theory (Math and Statistics); management decision analysis, decision models, game theory (IME, Economics), programming, algorithms, operating systems, databases, signal processing, machine learning, and data mining techniques of data science (C.S., E.E.). Information Theory (information, entropy, conditional information, coding), Multi-resolution (multirate) signal processing (wavelets, pyramids), ANN, SVM, Image Processing and Video Analytics, Projection pursuit of Artificial Intelligence and DSS through classroom teaching in the first and second year. During this period, the student is also exposed to various simulation tools and practicals. In addition to this, a course entitled “Data Science with Industrial Perspectives” is mandatory to audit the course. This course aims to attend the specialist’s talk(s) on various disciplines handling Big data. In this, the students will have exposure to interact with experts and further exposure to give presentations to choose the topic as per their choice relevant to Data Science. Course curriculum will be updated periodically to keep pace with contemporary technological advancements.